At 冰球突破豪华版游戏, we believe that student achievement, individual well-being, 一个繁荣的社区构成了卓越教育的核心. We help students become their best selves through research-based approaches to teaching and curriculum that prioritize balance, 增长, student voice and choice, 同理心, 和协作. 我们以个人为中心,同时支持一个繁荣的社区的需求.

几乎有无限的机会去领导和参与体育运动, 艺术, other co-cur­ricular activities, 希普利大学鼓励学生在一个支持性的环境中冒险. 最终, 皮普 is educating students to develop the character and capabilities that will enable them to thrive and make a positive impact in the world.
Michael G. 特纳, 校长

欢迎 from the 校长

欢迎来到希普利! 虽然我希望你喜欢了解我们的虚拟社区,但我鼓励你这样做 参加我们的冰球突破豪华版游戏活动或报名参观.
当我第一次被介绍给希普利时,我对学院的使命印象深刻: 冰球突破豪华版游戏, 从幼儿园到12所男女同校的走读学校, is committed to educational excellence and dedicated to developing in each student a 热爱学习 and a compassionate participation in the world. 
I was even more impressed as I met students, 的同事们, 父母/监护人, 和校友, 并体验了这个社区每天是如何履行其使命的.  作为父母, Meredith and I are grateful that our son, 弗兰的23, 能体验到希普利教育的好处吗.
皮普 offers a challenging college preparatory program and we welcome students from the age of four in our prekindergarten (or nursery school) program. 我们的 较低的学校 (elementary grades preK through 5) provides an excellent foundation and helps students develop a real 热爱学习.  在我们的 中学 (grades 6-8) we help students discover their individual strengths and passions while preparing for 上学校.  我们的高中(9-12年级)提供令人难以置信的各种课程和a college counseling team 首屈一指的.
Long renowned for educational excellence, 热爱学习, compassionate participation in the world, 皮普 has taken bold new strides to ensure students are prepared to thrive in a dynamic and frequently challenging world. 皮普's strategic plan, 视力20/26, wisely recognizes we cannot predict with certainty everything our students will need to learn, do, 和. 然而,, it also courageously plots a course into that future, confident the values which have defined 皮普 for well over a century position the School to pursue sustained and sustainable progress.
I encourage you to get to know 皮普. 请 sign up to request admissions information, 参加活动, 应用. I look forward to meeting you.
Michael G. 特纳


冰球突破豪华版游戏 is a private, 从幼儿园到12年级的男女同校走读学校, located in Bryn Mawr, PA. Through our commitment to educational excellence, we develop within each student a 热爱学习 and a desire for compassionate participation in the world.