With their breadth and depth of experience at independent schools, our 冰球突破豪华版游戏 team will be your guides. Please contact any of our team members for more information about 皮普 and our admissions process.


  • Photo of Rafhia 福斯特

    Rafhia 福斯特 

    Director of Enrollment
    电话/扩展: 4117
    Wesleyan University - BA
  • 南 布赛的照片

    南 布赛 85

    Director of 冰球突破豪华版游戏 & Tuition Assistance, Coach
    电话/扩展: 4183
  • Photo of 考特尼 戴利

    考特尼 戴利 

    Associate Director of 冰球突破豪华版游戏
    电话/扩展: 4754
    University of Pennsylvania - MSEd
    University of Pennsylvania - MAPP
  • Photo of 珍娜 Harmelin

    珍娜 Harmelin 01

    Associate Director of 冰球突破豪华版游戏
    电话/扩展: 4295
    Amherst College - BA
  • Photo of 科琳 参赛

    科琳 参赛 

    Associate Director of 冰球突破豪华版游戏
    电话/扩展: 4245
    West Chester University - BA
    West Chester University - MS
  • Photo of 劳拉 布劳尔

    劳拉 布劳尔 

    Enrollment Data Manager and Assistant Director of Tuition Assistance
    电话/扩展: 4118
    University of South Carolina - BA
  • Photo of 温迪 史密斯

    温迪 史密斯 

    冰球突破豪华版游戏 Engagement Coordinator
    电话/扩展: 4735
    Syracuse University - B.S.
冰球突破豪华版游戏 is a private, coeducational day school for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students, 位于布林茅尔, PA. Through our commitment to educational excellence, we develop within each student a love of learning and a desire for compassionate participation in the world.