Q&Henry Katz ' 19:从学校校长到白宫实习生

皮普 All School校长Henry Katz ' 19, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in May with a BA in Political Communication. 今年夏天, he served as an intern at The White House in the Office of Scheduling and Advance, and has recently started a new position as a Political Strategist at Schoen Cooperman Research in New York City.

你能告诉我们更多关于你在白宫实习的经历吗? 排期和预发部的职责是什么?

The Office of Scheduling and Advance handles the president’s daily schedule and movements off of White House property. The team I worked with was responsible for coordinating all aspects of these events. From sourcing venues and motorcade vehicles to making sure essential senior staff and elected officials were properly briefed on the needs of such events. 在我的团队里, 我专门为公司的旅行团队服务, 协调总统车队的行动, 在水警一号, 还有空军一号.

What were some of the most memorable moments or projects you worked on during your time at The White House? Was there a specific event or initiative that you were involved in that you found particularly impactful? 

During my time at The White House I attended many memorable events such as the first annual Juneteenth concert, 詹妮弗·哈德森和其他著名的有色人种音乐家表演的地方. I also helped to plan and execute a civil rights symposium the president gave remarks for at the National Archives. 事后, I was lucky enough to ride back to The White House in the president’s motorcade, 这是我永远不会忘记的时刻.

The Office of Scheduling and Advance are the producers of the most watched show on the planet. We set the stage for every picture perfect moment and it is our responsibility to put the president in the strongest position possible to communicate his message effectively. I learned very quickly that my work was having a direct impact on how the media covers the president and his work. 我经常放弃我花了几天或几周计划的活动, 坐在我的桌子旁, and see the event being covered on every major news network on the TV above my desk. 这很酷.

You recently started a new job working as a Political Strategist in New York City. 在这个新职位上,你最期待的是什么?

In my new role at Schoen Cooperman Research (SCR) I am looking forward to working on campaign strategies for Democratic candidates and causes around the country. 从反枪支暴力和支持堕胎立法, 到对美国和以色列政府官员的民意调查, 到为Snapchat等公司做企业市场研究, HBO, and Margaritaville; SCR has a broad portfolio which will give me experience across different fields.

什么技能, 值, or experiences did you develop (or begin to develop) at 皮普 that contribute to your success in your personal or professional life?

我对政治和竞选的热爱始于我在夫人. 范霍恩四年级的班级. I did not win my Student Council election that fall, and in my teary-eyed state, 夫人. 范霍恩鼓励我再次参加春季选举. 夫人. Van Horn taught me that it is my ability to make others feel loved and appreciated which would help me down the line. 所以我继续做我自己, embracing every member of 皮普’s community and following through on promises I made to friends. 我在希普利再也没有输过选举.

Some hard skills I gained at 皮普 were a foundation of statistics and strong writing skills. 像夫人 .这样的老师. 小和博士. 皮克林在我成长为作家的过程中给予了我坚持不懈的鼓励, 这已经走了很长的路了. 能够通过写作进行有效的沟通, 尤其是和同事之间, 对我的职业生涯有很大帮助吗.

最后,希普利的每一位老师都教我如何为自己辩护. 照顾好自己从来没有错, 无论是作为个人还是作为学生, 这种心态对我进入宾夕法尼亚大学很有帮助. As all 皮普 students attend colleges and universities which are much bigger communities than they are used to, self-advocacy is a skill that stands out with college professors and makes life as a college student a whole lot easier. 

回顾你在希普利的时光, is there anything you know now that you would tell your young self as a student at 皮普?

皮普 is the best place to try new  things and obsess over what you are passionate about. 我一生都热爱写作、体育、政治和戏剧. 而我在希普利的运动生涯并没有起飞, I was able to fulfill my love for sports and politics by writing for The Beacon. I was able to run a student government campaign every year and then serve my classmates throughout the school year by improving student life through new initiatives and traditions. 最后, 我每年都能在学校的音乐会上表演, 这是我在希普利遇到的最有价值的学生群体. 我这辈子从没上过歌唱或舞蹈课, the Riely Theatre stage developed my public speaking skills and gave me the confidence to make others laugh and take risks. 皮普 was a place for me to always take my work seriously, but never take myself too seriously.
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